​​SEA (Smart Entrepreneurship Accelerator) – SKG Infoday

On July 7th, 2022, the SEA (Smart Entrepreneurship Accelerator) SKG Infoday in Thessaloniki facilitated a participative dialogue amongst key stakeholders and interested participants on this ambitious cross-border project. Leading market experts in business mentoring and consulting, professionals, and academics, joined the event organized by YET at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) in the city’s heart. Αttendees were informed about the comprehensive work program and the opportunities offered by the ​​SEA Accelerator and exchanged thoughts and insights into the existing business ecosystem, especially for young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The informative and fruitful session clearly surfaced the need to improve the regional business support system and empower the untapped entrepreneurial potential of the area. Strengthening and creating infrastructure and training methodology and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among young people is the bedrock for the prosperity and development of the regional economy and beyond, and we were delighted to accommodate an impactful gathering that offered opportunities for meaningful networking and inaugurated the beginning of the following physical activities of the project.