Interreg V-A

Project SEA (Smart Cross-border Entrepreneurship Accelerator) is an ambitious cross-border project pursuing tangible and sustainable results built around a comprehensive work program.

Project Beneficiaries

Expected Results

The project will improve the regional business support system

The project will improve the regional business support system and empower the untapped entrepreneurial potential of young people in the area with skills and knowledge on how to create and develop start-up companies. The results will directly bring added value to the entrepreneurship support infrastructure and service provision systems of the CB region.

Our potential is to innovate and grow

The CB area business support ecosystem is featured by the regional chambers of commerce, and the EEN nodes that support the existing business with the potential to innovate and grow. To further unlock the regional entrepreneurial potential, the SEAccelerator addresses the following target groups:

  • Young entrepreneurs, having already undertaken actions towards new business;
  • Researchers and spill-overs from research organisations where R&D results have the potential to be commercialised and turned into innovation while research teams are lacking entrepreneurial knowledge and skills;
  • Potential entrepreneurs, to be inspired by the SEA project to start their own business;
  • Start-ups that need incubation and scale-up support;
  • Existing SMEs with potential and prospects to launch new undertaking(s), including those businesses that enhance internal (within the company) entrepreneurship, e.g. internally generated ideas turned into a new business project or a separate business (spill-overs);
  • Experts, mentors, trainers and professionals, part of the regional business support system, working with SMEs and entrepreneurs in the GR-BG CB area.

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